Stacey Trock Marketing Consultant Craft Industry

Stacey Trock has a sharp understanding of the motivations that underlie consumer purchases, and she specializes in connecting small businesses in the yarn industry with easy-to-implement and trendsetting marketing ideas.

Her career began as the the entrepreneur and social media maven who founded FreshStitches, amassing a facebook following of more than a half-million fans and running one of the largest subscription clubs in the fiber world.

Social Media Consultant for Yarn Events

Do you run a fiber or craft-industry event that’s amazing, but are too busy running the event to cover it on social media? And you lack the funds for a full-time marketing professional? Potential customers who are considering attending your event/conference develop their impression largely based on what they see online.

Stacey travels across the country to provide live social media coverage for your company’s social media outlets. Stacey specializes in extracting the unique aspects of your event and telling stories in a captivating way that develops community at the event and to online viewers.

For more information about booking Stacey for an event, send an email!

Marketing Social Media and Email Newsletter Consultant for Yarn Shops Dyers and Designers

Stacey’s experience running one of the largest subscription clubs in the fiber world and developing her own overseas-manufactured products provides her with unique insight into how to merchandise and market in the yarn industry.

Stacey provides marketing, social media and public relations consulting to select clients on a retainer basis. At the time, she is not currently accepting new clients.

She teaches business classes at TNNA and on Creative Live. Her articles have appeared in Yarn Market News and Craft Industry Alliance.

National Knitting Crochet Instructor Yarn

Stacey teaches knitting, crochet and other fiber classes at shows in the US and internationally. She regularly appears as an instructor at Stitches Events and teaches 4 crochet classes on Craftsy, including a best-seller.

Stacey specializes in beginner-level classes, imbuing students with confidence, enthusiasm and a passion for the craft and encouraging them to progress to higher levels of classes.

For more information about booking Stacey for your event/guild, send an email! Teaching services may be combined with Live Social Media services for certain events, please inquire.