Stacey Trock- email marketing and social media for small businesses

Stacey helps small businesses put their best foot forward in the digital world. She efficiently streamlines and rejuvenates a company’s marketing to better connect with customers: writing targeted email content that encourages interaction and engagement. Read more about what makes Stacey’s approach yield results.


brand analysis

You wouldn’t show up to a party in a ripped shirt and mismatching shoes, would you? So why represent your business with a decade-old website and three versions of logos splashed across your marketing materials?

Ensure you’re appealing to your target demographic with a cohesive and fresh presence. Come on, be your best self online!

Email Marketing

Email marketing for Creative Businesses

No matter how much social media has changed the way we market to customers, sending an email to your list is still the best way to get your message out.

Are you regularly connecting with your customers in a way that makes them smile?  If your emails aren’t endearing and tempting your audience to engage, you’re squandering your hard-earned list.

Social Media

Social media for live events

Engagement and interaction with prospective (and customer service!) is crucial for building engagement and increasing sales.

Instead of absent-mindedly clicking around on Instagram, learn practical strategies make social media profitable! Individual and group coaching available.