Stacey Trock- email marketing and social media for small businesses

About Stacey

Hi there! I’m Stacey.

I’m obsessed with understanding the motivations that guide consumer purchases and today’s customer is driven by authenticity and connection.

In a digital word with thousands of choices, consumers are craving to connect with small businesses with a unique story. I’m here to help you tell your story. To help you connect with your audience. I don’t do any magic. I simply sift and extract the golden nuggets that are in your business. And I write compelling, engaging copy that endears your audience to what you have to offer. Using marketing strategies that are honest and effective.

I began my career as the entrepreneur and social media maven who founded FreshStitches, amassing a facebook following of more than a half-million fans and running one of the largest subscription clubs in the fiber world. In 2015, I began using my skills to help other small- and medium-sized businesses be even more awesome.

I have taught taught business classes at TNNA, Creativation and on Creative Live. My articles on the yarn industry have appeared in Yarn Market News and Craft Industry Alliance. And I’m friendly. Have more questions? Feel free to contact me!


Multiple artists

An Ayurvedic practitioner

Multiple children’s clothing and accessory companies

A children’s subscription service

A clothing boutique

A creative business coach

Multiple craft supply e-commerce sites

Multiple craft workshop studios

A custom invitation design firm

A custom wallpaper company

A digital art company

FreshStitches, a craft supply website + subscription club

Multiple greeting card companies

Gwen Bortner, business consultant and speaker

A historic landmark

Multiple home goods shops

Multiple independent knitting pattern designers

An independent sewing pattern designer

An independent yarn company

An inspirational accessory company

Multiple fine jewelry stores

Kollage Knitting Needles

A lampwork glass artist

A lighting company

Louet North America

Margaret Marcuson, a ministry coach

A marketing agency

Multiple metal jewelry artists

A metalsmith (gift goods)

A modern fine artist

Multiple natural skincare companies

A paper doll company

A perfume company

A pet-focused retail company

A planner company

A pottery company

A sticker subscription company

Stitches Events, a craft event company

Multiple handmade soap companies

A wax seal company

Multiple yarn retail brick & mortar shops

Multiple yarn e-commerce websites

What is branding? Help from a consultant

What is ‘branding’? What is ‘marketing’?

They sound like a bunch of buzzwords, right? I hear you.

In the way I use the terms, ‘branding’ is everything having to do with what someone thinks of your company (aka your ‘brand’). Is the color of your packaging appealing to your target audience’s age range? Are your services viewed as pricey or just right? How does your customer service make your customers feel? Does someone feel comfortable shopping on your website? What are your company’s core values and do they permeate your product descriptions and email communications (or are they barely mentioned at all)?

For your company to be successful, it’s imperative that the perception of your brand aligns with what your ideal customer is looking for. 

Marketing is anything you do to reach out to your customers (usually, but hopefully not always, with the intent to sell your product/service). Sending emails, posting to social media, advertising, the sales copy (text) on your webpage and getting featured in a magazines are all examples that may spring to your mind.

It is my belief that as customers become inundated with marketing messages, it is increasingly important that your marketing focus on building a genuine relationship with your audience. 

Not sure if your business is excelling in these areas? Don’t worry. I can help.