Are You Happy with Your Work Hours? Master Outsourcing to Regain your Life!

Let me guess.

You started working for yourself in part, because you wanted a flexible schedule. You wanted to be able to take a Friday afternoon off to have leisurely lunch with a friend. You wanted to attend your child’s sports games without frantically checking your phone the whole time.

And so you set out on your own. And you’re working longer hours than ever. ‘Downtime’ seems like a distant dream. I hear this scenario ALL the time.

43% of workers would choose a flexible schedule over a pay raise, but even when we’re in charge of our own schedules, we can’t seem to actually make free time a priority. What’s going on?

When you run your own business, you’re ultimately responsible for everything, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing everything. Outsourcing your workload is key to giving yourself not only flexibility in your schedule… but also to growth! Because when you’re doing every single task, there’s a huge bottleneck to growing. You.

Outsourcing Workload to Grow your business

I’ve heard all the excuses for why you don’t want to hire someone.

“I can’t afford to hire someone to help me.”

“I do such special and unique things. There’s no way I could hire anyone.”

“I’m a solo-preneur. I like being involved in all of the aspects of the business.”

(That last one was me for many years!)

Let me ask you: are you happy with your work hours? If you’re not, then something needs to change. You deserve a life that works for you.

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