Book Recommendations for Busy Business Owners

I probably didn’t need to add ‘busy’ to the title. We’re all busy, right?

Here’s the thing: the more I talk to (and read about) successful business owners, the more it seems clear that being successful relies on creating efficient systems that allow you to step away from your business and have downtime. Being busy isn’t the measure of success. Getting results is.

Whenever I talk to a business owner working 18 hour days who insists ‘that’s the only way to get everything done’, my first thought is, ‘something in that business’s systems needs fixing’. Of course, we all have busy seasons where we work intense hours to get a certain project or product launched. But epic work-hours shouldn’t be a badge of honor. More often than not, they’re a badge of inefficiency or failure to outsource workload effectively.

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Some people bristle at the term ‘work-life balance’. No matter what you call it, creating calm in your life so that you have the energy to come up with creative and powerful ideas is essential for running a successful business. And it looks different for every person. Maybe it means turning your electronics off after 6pm. Maybe it means taking an annual getaway. Maybe it means being present for your children when they get home.

Here is a list of books that I hope will give you tools & techniques for working smarter and more efficiently. I have read each of these books and found them to be hugely inspirational (with the exception of Profit First, which has come so highly recommended by a multitude of friends that I snuck it on the list.) You can see my entire book list on Amazon, which I update regularly as I discover new books!

Learn to Do Better, More Efficient Work

For Moms Balancing Career & Family

Guides for Introverts and Managing Personality Types

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Creating Successful Habits for Yourself & Customers

Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and numerous other successful CEOs dedicate hours a day to reading. You might say, ‘well, they’re wealthy. They can afford to do that.’ But I look at it differently. These are people who have countless demands on their time and millions of dollars riding on decisions they and their staff make. Yet, they carve out time for self-fulfillment. And I bet if you try, you can too.