Business + a Baby? Heck Yeah! I’ll Show You How!

I’ll tell you the truth. I’m just plain peeved that in today’s world, many women still feel like they need to make a choice between a career/business (that they’ve spent years developing) and spending time with their family.

Watching successful and educated women drop out of the workforce because they feel forced to (not because they want to, but because of a lack of support for flexible and part-time paths) makes me queasy. We can do better than that.

And it’s not just new moms. It’s men who want family time. It’s adults who need time to care for aging parents. It’s a person with an illness who needs a bit of time to heal. We deserve lives that offer us the flexibility to care for the people who matter to us most. Right?

It’s because of this passion that I’m incredibly excited for the launch of my new class on Creative Live, How to Take Maternity Leave Without Putting Life on Hold. I’m going to teach you the system I used to downshift my own business to part-time when my daughter was born. It’s a system that allowed me to care for her full-time until she was nearly 2 years old AND earned 65% of my previous year’s income during her first year.

The class is FREE to watch live on November 20th, so please RSVP!

Maternity Leave Part Time Business stacey Trock

Maternity and Personal Leave is a huge issue, not only in the US (where the law doesn’t guarantee any leave), but also for self-employed parents in any country… you can’t stop checking email for 6 months and expect to come back to a thriving (or even functioning) business!

It’s a topic that’s been creeping into the limelight in recent years, but to this point, there is no comprehensive class or system that guides you through creating your own strategy for leave. I’m changing that.

In the class, I address mostly the self-employed scenario, but the techniques are equally applicable to careers that allow you some flexibility in your schedule, such as academia or a traditional career with an open-minded HR department. I’ll be sharing my experience, as well as interviews and tips from several successful women who have made the balance between a career and family work.

I’m not going to fib. The balance isn’t easy. But it’s totally worth it. You can create the life you want. You just need the tools.

Join me!