Interested in working with me? If you run a thriving business and are looking for branding/marketing services (of the type listed on my services page), and want to schedule a time to talk, then send me an email at!


We might be a great fit if…

your business has been established for at least a couple of years

you have a clear sense of your company’s purpose and direction

you know who your ideal audience is and have insight into their needs

you have concrete ideas about marketing goals you would like to accomplish, but lack the skill set to follow through

the services listed on this page seem to be in the ballpark of what you need (even if the existing packages don’t fit you perfectly)

you have the time to dedicate to working on the best results

Does this sound like you? Email me (address below)!


I may not be right for you if…

you are just starting or brainstorming about starting a business

you’re not sure about what products would make sense to offer

you’re still learning about your audience

you aren’t sure why your business isn’t successful, and are hoping for ‘marketing magic’

the services listed on this page aren’t really what you need, but you’ve heard great things about me and are eager to work together

you’re too busy to spend time answering questions and giving feedback

Does this sound like you? We might not be ready to work together… yet. But keep me in mind for the future!

Do we look like a great fit? Then send me an email at! Please include in the email as many specifics as you can about your marketing trouble-spots and how you are hoping I can help.