End Marketing Overwhelm? Yes, Please!

Most business owners begin by doing all of their marketing themselves. Which makes sense. Money is tight and snapping an instagram photo is kinda fun. You write the facebook posts. You search the instagram hashtags. You dabble in Google Ads. And for a while, that system works.

But, as the business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for the owner to continue to do all of the marketing on their own. Maybe you’re feeling this in your own business. Your time is spread across guiding an accelerating business, creating new products, managing distribution… and oh, facebook changed its algorithm again?

In Outsourcing Workload to Grow your Business, I discuss using sites like Upwork to find freelancers to take on tasks to alleviate your work burden. But taking that path isn’t an instantaneous or fool-proof process. Some typical problems include:

  • Even with user reviews, you can expect to spend a chunk of time weeding through candidates and possibly hiring a couple that don’t quite work out.
  • Finding someone who specializes in the handmade industry can be difficult
  • Shopping by hourly rate can be daunting. You want results and a strategy that works. Will that take 2 hours a week? Or 10?
  • Implementers (people who actually do the posting) are often different people than strategists, meaning you may need to cobble together multiple freelancers and risk issues falling through the cracks.

So, what options are available for a time-starved business owner keen to hire comprehensive marketing strategy & implementation?

A marketing agency. A company with a proven track-record that swoops in and just takes care of everything. A coherent strategy. Expertise about current best-practices and algorithms. Implementation. For a flat fee.

I know, it sounds fancy. Like something only big-wig companies can afford. But it’s not anymore!

My friend, Mei Pak, is a marketing dynamo. Her own jewelry business brings in annual six-figure sales. She’s been teaching others to do the same in their own businesses (on her site, Creative Hive), but as we’ve been discussing, it’s just not practical for every business owner to manage their own marketing.

That’s why Mei has launched the Creative Hive Agency, marketing specifically for the craft & handmade industry, and I couldn’t be more excited!

If you have some years of business under your belt, but you’ve hit a plateau or you’re just plain overworked, I recommend you head over to Mei’s agency and see if it’s a fit for you. Imagine what you could accomplish in your business if someone else ‘just took care of’ your facebook page or PR outreach. The possibilities!