[free download] A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Social Media

I have a number of prospective clients email me, asking whether I’d be a good consulting fit for their small business. Some of them say something like, “I’m just not sure where to get started with social media.”

And I tell them, “you don’t need a consultant. You need an intro course.”

And a good introductory social media course, without jargon or sales pitches can be hard to find. So I wrote an ebook.
How to start doing social media for your small business

Download the Getting Started Guide, here. It’s free.

If you run a small business and want to start doing social media, I’ll give you some guidelines. I’ll get you starting thinking about how to craft your story and share your mission online. And I’ll tell you about how important it is to create and share content your audience wants to read. And emphasize the importance of actually engaging, instead of just posting.

That’s what social media is. Being social. Connecting and sharing.

It’s a short guide. There’s nothing terribly new or insightful in it. Just the basics of how to get started. Go ahead and look it over.

Because if you aren’t already posting consistent content to your ideal customers, then you don’t need a consultant yet. You need to do some introspection about your business and a little bit of legwork. And then call me in a year.