Is a Membership Site the Right Move for Your Business?

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Recurring income is one of the hot business themes right now. And it’s no surprise why. The ‘free content is king’ philosophy created brands with droves of followers, but without income, we can’t call these brands ‘businesses’.

Loyal fans/customers are tired of sifting through waves of free (and mediocre) content and are happy to pay a small amount on a recurring basis for access to great information and products.  You’ll see this model in the form of (physical) subscription clubs/boxes, Patreon accounts and membership websites.

A subscription model is a win for the business as well: it creates a strong sense of community and loyalty amongst the ‘inner circle’ of customers, as well as providing a consistent and reliable stream of income.

is a membership site right for your business

Creating a membership site is not for the faint of heart. Tara Swiger says, her membership site “is absolutely the best thing I ever did for my business, and yet I still tell people not to start a membership site!”

What should you consider before starting a membership site? Is it right for your business?

I’ve interviewed craft industry experts and shared common pitfalls in my article in the Craft Industry Alliance Journal, issue 42: Lessons Learned in Starting a Membership Site.

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