My 3 Favorite Tools for Automating Your Marketing (+ 2 freebie options!)

I was delighted to be a part of Abby Glassenberg’s 2017 year-end Community Podcast episode, and to get the chance to chime in with my ‘things I’m loving right now’ in addition to the call-ins from her listeners! We talked about so many great tools (so have a listen or browse the show notes!), but I wanted to take the opportunity to share one of my favorite automation tools I mentioned, a recommendation from Abby that I just started using, and one that I didn’t mention.


Active Campaign

I absolutely love Active Campaign for email marketing (and it’s the one I mention in the episode). It’s tremendously powerful and easy to use, and it’s cheaper than ConvertKit and Constant Contact. If you’re not up for a monthly fee and have a small list size, Mei Pak recommends MailerLite as a great alternative.

I highly recommend setting up an automated email sequence for subscribers to your email list. It’s a great way to reuse great content that you may have already created, as well as ensure that new subscribers to your list are receiving a steady stream of information… without you needing to do the work of generating a weekly/monthly email.


Abby mentioned WiseStamp in the episode, and I signed up for it while we were still recording. It allows you to create a beautiful and professional email signature, and also has a lot of options for inserting your social media feeds. Mine contains the title/link of my most recent blog post. You may want to insert a gallery of your recent Instagram posts.

If you’re looking to avoid the monthly fee, there is a free option that includes WiseStamp advertising.

Meet Edgar

Edgar allows you to upload and schedule content to post to a number of social media sites (although, sadly, not Instagram). You can assign posts to categories and Edgar can, for example, post knitting tips on Monday mornings at 9am and testimonials on Wednesday mornings at 10am. It goes a long way towards taking the daily hustle out of finding and sharing great content.