You wouldn’t show up to a party in a ripped shirt and mismatching shoes, would you? So why represent your business with a decade-old website and three versions of logos splashed across your marketing materials?

Incremental improvements are a must for any business, but over time, these small tweaks can combine for a chaotic brand presence. As your business grows, it’s important to take an overall view of your branding to ensure it’s consistent and on target.

Ensure you’re appealing to your target demographic with a cohesive and fresh presence. Come on, be your best self online!

Brand Analysis + Clean Up

brand analysis

If you’ve been in business for more than 5 years, it’s time to clean house! A brand analysis includes a full review of your website, social media channels and marketing materials. The clean up suggestions include a revised style sheet (or one in the first place!), posting frequency on social media and marketing channels (+ time-saving techniques).

WordPress Site Refresh

wordpress website design

How old is your website? Is there still a sidebar? Or a link to your favorite blog recommendations? Okay, then. Time for a refresh. If you’re already running wordpress, a ‘new site’ is usually as easy as installing a new theme and the insertion of new graphics and photos. Consultation on target demographic + CTA (call-to-action) + style sheet included.

Email Marketing

No matter how much social media has changed the way we market to customers, sending an email to your list is still the best way to get your message out.

Are your emails  much-anticipated tidbits of digital joy? Are you regularly connecting with your customers in a way that makes them smile? Are you taking the opportunity to educate them on your company’s values, offerings and unique personality? If your emails aren’t endearing and tempting your audience to engage, you’re squandering your hard-earned list. Don’t do that!

Automated Email Sequences

email marketing for creative businesses

I know. You try to send out regular (monthly/quarterly) emails to your list. But running your business gets in the way. And before you know it, it’s been (gasp!) 6 months and your list hasn’t heard from you. Not ideal.

While true-blue customers can handle a period of silence, greeting a brand-new customer with… nothing… puts an end to developing a relationship. Dead on arrival.

The solution is developing an automated email sequence: a set of emails that are scheduled to go out at regular intervals after a contact subscribes to your list. This way, even during your busiest times, a new customer is receiving engaging, relationship-building emails for the first few months. That’s the start of a beautiful relationship!

Email + Marketing Copywriting

Email marketing for Creative Businesses

Do you already have an automated email sequence set up and want to continue to develop your relationship with your customer through engaging and on-brand emails?

Are you feeling bogged down by your customer service messaging? Would well-written email templates with stock replies make your life easier and keep your messaging clear?

By having key marketing materials professionally written, you’re developing a portfolio of text that can be reused on your website, in press releases and in emails. And ensure that each message is infused with your brand’s message and unique characteristics.

Event Social Media

Social media for live events

Posting pictures as they happen is only about… oh, half of the work of real-time social media. Engagement and interaction with attendees (and customer service!) is crucial for building excitement around making your event as successful as possible.

While you’re running your event, you’re probably super-busy, you know… running the event. Planning for professional, attentive social media during the event is a must. In addition to increased engagement, active social media management is an opportunity to gather photos and reviews that will feed your feed (!) all-year-long.

Not seeing what you need?

That’s perfectly fine! You might be very special, indeed.

Feel free to drop me a line to see if my services line up with your needs. Please note that I only accept clients with a clear sense of purpose and establishment in their business.