Should You Be Freaking Out About facebook’s Algorithm Change?

You’ve probably heard about facebook’s announcement to change up their algorithm. Again.

Articles rapidly started appearing saying that small businesses are doomed. (This article even refers to the change as ‘News Feed Armageddon’.)

As a small business owner with a presence on facebook, should you be freaking out?

No. At least, you shouldn’t be freaking out any more than you were already.

small business owner using facebook new algorithm

For years, facebook has been penalizing pages in how they organically appear in news feeds. That is, even if you have thousands of fans, your post will only appear in the feeds of 1-5% of them.

Brands that post creative, video-based and engaging content have always been best-positioned to appear in their fan’s feeds. And that isn’t going to change. (Yes, I read that the cap on news feed appearance has decreased from 5% to 4%. You can’t really tell me that one percent is tremendously damaging your business.)

I really like this post from MeetEdgar on why the change isn’t that scary. I agree.

Here’s the thing. Your business & marketing strategy should never have been completely reliant on facebook. And you should always be posting quality, engaging content.

Is facebook going to continue to minimize the appearance of your posts as a way to squeeze ad dollars out of you? Yup. Should you think of social media as a way of building legitimate, interactive connections with customers? Yup. Should you be seriously thinking of starting an email newsletter if you haven’t already? Double yup.

This recent facebook announcement is just another reminder that you should spend most of your effort developing a holistic social media strategy that is focused on building genuine connections with customers. And once you have that in place, appearing in 10% fewer feeds on a single social media network will hardly cause you to blink.