Strategies for Handling Difficult Customers

For many of us, it’s the hardest part of running a business: managing an unhappy customer.

It may be a customer (rightfully) pointing out a problem with your product. Or it may be a customer who is stark-raving-mad… and you’re not quite sure why. In any case, responding with a calm, cool head is crucial.

Crucial, but difficult. Your small business is your baby. And it’s hard to avoid taking criticism personally. And it’s really hard to remain calm when someone is yelling at you (even if it’s over email).

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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a customer’s wrath, then you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode on the Business of Craft Podcast. In it, I’m chatting with Leanne Pressly about strategies for managing difficult customers, specifically in this everything-in-the-open era of social media communications. Have a listen!