The Stacey Difference

The return on investment for email marketing is 42 to 1.

Are you getting the most from your marketing budget?

Emails are the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. A return of 42:1 means that if you spend $100 on email marketing, your business can bring in $4200! Who doesn’t want to make that happen?

Most businesses gather email addresses and send out an occasional newsletter. Maybe you make sure to send out an email when you have something to sell. This hodgepodge approach to email marketing is missing a golden opportunity to build connection with your customers and grow your business!

Make sure you’re making your emails work for you! Learn what makes Stacey’s method stand out from the crowd.

What makes Stacey Trock different? In a digital word with thousands of choices, consumers are craving to connect with small businesses with a unique story. I’m here to help you tell your story. To help you connect with your audience. I don’t do any magic. I simply sift and extract the golden nuggets that are the heart of your business. And I write compelling, engaging copy that endears your audience to what you have to offer. And use marketing strategies and tools that are honest and effective.

I’m here to help your business succeed. Let me tell you about my 3 prong approach:

creating amazing email content

1. Engaging Content

Are you sending out content that makes subscribers hungry to read your emails?

If your content is dull, vague or too sales-focused, subscribers will either unsubscribe or just stop reading.

The secret is to create enthralling, engaging content that your clients want to read. And because I’m a skilled content creator that’s passionate about your business, I know how to reach your audience. Because you don’t want your subscribers to only open your emails this week… you want them opening them every week. So that when it’s time for them to buy, they come to you.

Amazing content leads to higher open and conversion rates. Higher open rates = more sales + higher ROI. Yes!

email marketing for creative businesses

2. Automation

When you meet a new client, you’re probably pretty used to answering the same sorts of ‘get to know you’ questions. Right?

So why aren’t you doing the same thing in your emails?

I develop a customized welcome sequence that is automatically sent to subscribers. This carefully-crafted sequence of emails is designed to teach clients about your business, show them what makes you unique, gains their trust and leads them towards making a purchase. So that when it comes time for you to connect, they feel like they already know you and what your business is about.

A customized onboarding email sequence develops trust with your clients so they are more likely to take action without you lifting a finger.

targeted digital marketing solutions

3. Subscriber Tagging + Segmentation

Do you know who is subscribed to your email list?

Your subscribers aren’t just email addresses, they’re people. And you can learn a lot about them by analyzing their actions. By using automations + the power of software, I track subscriber behaviors and then segment subscribers into groups. And then send those groups super-targeted emails that speaks directly to that unique-only-for-your-business audience.

And do you know what a subscriber does when they receive an email that’s perfectly in line with their interests from a source they already trust? They buy. Conversion accomplished.

Performing data analysis allows subscriber tagging and segmenting, resulting in more more targeted emails, increased click-through rates and more sales!

I want to make your small business’s email marketing amazing! If you’re an active business with a strong sense of where you want to go, then we might be a great fit! Read through this checklist and then send me an email!